Intellectual Properties

As we delve into the company's own IPs, we move a step ahead in spreading smiles, awareness and making the little lives socially aware. That's our part of social responsibility!


Aden, an introvert kid who willingly helps any kid bullied for being 'Little', sets on a promising journey of fighting the wrongs he sees every day. His 'Super Eye Gear' transmutes him to a super kid (Nano) and his best friend Bixolve to the meta-morphing gadget (Bix), forming the powerful NanoBix. Allied with his alien toy friends Gizmo, Llyia, Hash, NanoBix take on the nemesis with a difference because - " set things right in the real world, we need to fight in the Fantasy Worlds"


The 2D animated TV series humoured with rib-tickling comedy, showcases the slapstick tiff between Farceo, a young man and a kid. Every episode is filled with the bizarre situations that Farceo is surrounded with and his weirder ways of getting out of them, putting the dominoes of laughter and squeals into motion.